She wore flowers in her hair

rose and tom-1052

I totally adore flower crowns, they are so romantic and goddess-like. Really shouldn’t every woman wear flowers in her hair at least once and if not on her wedding day then when?

Take a little look around Pinterest and you’ll find them everywhere and in all different styles. Full and blowsy, delicate and ethereal, all the way around, tiara-like, colourful, muted. I love them all and always enjoy designing and creating them for my brides, each one is a work of art. They are so personal to each bride and how she wants to look and feel on her wedding day.

Flower crowns are also popular accessories at summer festivals where they are synonymous with festival fashion in a way that harks back to the flower love of sixties’ hippies..

I run flower crown sessions for hen parties, so if you’re planning yours, give me a shout. You’ll have fun and, when you’re finished, you’ll be a glorious gaggle of goddesses!